The AMPS Suite of Products Offer Plan Flexibility and Dramatic Savings

AMPS can save an estimated $190,000 per 100 employees off your current medical spend.

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Did you know, AMPS utilizes licensed, experienced physicians to perform all facility claim reviews?

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Multi-Point Data Analysis. Each line item referenced against Medicare and other data points for price discrepancy analysis.

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AMPS direct contracts with providers to create Client Specific Provider Access.

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Reference Based Reimbursement

Ditch your PPO network for a comprehensive cost-plus program. AMPS Reference Based Reimbursement (RBR) solution involves the best practices of our Medical Bill Review (MBR) solution with a superior level of protection to both plan and plan member.

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Medical Bill Review

The Power To Decide. Compare the effectiveness of your groups’ PPO discount to AMPS Medical Bill Review (MBR) service. AMPS physician panel perform line-by-line facility claim reviews to ensure accurate and reasonable pricing. AMPS adjustments typically exceed those by a PPO network adjustment.
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Dependent Eligibility Verification

Ensure your groups’ dependents are eligible for healthcare benefits. Failure to check could prove costly. AMPS Dependent Eligibility Verification program is a cost effective, minimally invasive solution, offering the potential for long-term savings and peace of mind.

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Out-Of-Network Solutions

Triple the savings on Out-of-Network claims* by utilizing AMPS Reference Based Reimbursement (RBR) program charge validation with AMPS Medical Bill Review (MBR). Reference Based Out-Of-Network assists members and plans while ensuring fair reimbursement by using multiple data points, including Medicare Reimbursement, Cost-To-Charge Ratios and over 11 years of historical Data.

*Based on last 5 years of AMPS Out-Of-Network claim reviews

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For an 18-hour hospital stay, he got a bill for $89,227. More than $81,000 was for the four-vial dose of anti-venom, or about $20,000 per vial…

A public relations executive, was billed $3,355.96 for five stitches on his finger after cutting himself while peeling an avocado…

The hospital’s admission, and its agreement to pay the United States government more than $13 million in damages, came in a health care False Claims Act lawsuit simultaneously filed and settled this week…

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