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April 11, 2017
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May 3, 2017

AMPS Announces Investment to Continue Rapid Growth

AMPS Announces Investment to Continue Rapid Growth


Norcross, GA, April 20th, 2017 — Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions Inc,. (AMPS), a leader in health care cost containment, today announced private equity investments by Leavitt Health Partners, Cimarron Health, and RAF Industries to fuel future growth and expansion.

“AMPS operated for 14 years on our original angel investment and it was time for us to recapitalize with a new set of financial and strategic partners”, said CEO/President Mike Dendy.  “While the new investors will own a majority share of the company, our original investors have retained a very significant percentage of ownership and our entire management team remains in place”.

“We see the strategic investment extending the significant growth we have enjoyed over the past five years,” said Dendy.  “For instance, Leavitt Health Partners is managed by former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt.”   Prior to his Cabinet Position under President George W. Bush, Leavitt served as the three term Governor of Utah.  “Governor Leavitt and his team at Leavitt Partners will have an immediate and positive impact on AMPS and our service offerings,” said Dendy, “and we are thrilled to have them along with Cimarron and RAF on our team.”

“Last year AMPS grew by over 70% and we are on a financial track to do the same this year,” said Dendy.  “However, beyond financing, we also see the new investors as an opportunity to build and expand our leadership footprint in healthcare cost management services for employers, health care plans, and government entities.”

AMPS provides its services to mid-sized and large employers, health-plans, and municipalities to reduce healthcare expenditures without negatively affecting member benefits or health outcomes.  AMPS is a national leader in Reference Based Reimbursement, the non-PPO based health plan delivery that has proven to reduce costs for employers and healthcare plans by 30% or more over conventional PPO options.  “PPOs are a contract to overpay for healthcare services and they offer no value to employers or their employees any longer,” noted Dendy.   “Professionally managed Reference Based Reimbursement programs are the future of healthcare and AMPS provides a service that is fair and just for employer and healthcare provider alike,” he concluded.

AMPS also specializes in the review and audit of large healthcare bills prior to payment.  Most employers are shocked to learn that no diligence is done by their plan administrator before their large healthcare expenses are paid.   AMPS uses a physician review panel to audit large claims prior to payment typically reducing the cost of large billings by 10% or more.

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