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October 17, 2017
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October 18, 2017

Care Connex RBP

If your Doctor told you you needed an MRI, your first thought would likely be “Well, I’ve got to go to a hospital to get an MRI.”

You’d go to the hospital and get an MRI, knowing your insurance would pay for it.

But would you ever ask what the cost of the MRI was?

Would you research to find other facilities that would provide the same MRI and compare prices, finding the most cost effective option?

Likely not.

This presents one of the major problems contributing to skyrocketing healthcare costs. Nobody is asking what these facilities are charging for services, and there is no pressure for hospitals or providers to offer competitive prices.

The average person wouldn’t know that a hospital charges about $5,000 for an MRI, while they could get the exact same MRI for $400 to $500 at an independent MRI center that often uses newer equipment. The MRI will be performed by highly skilled technicians and read by the same doctors as if it were performed at the hospital.


Care Connex is AMPS’ member facing RBP Plan. Care Connex offers members a range of options for medical care, such as the independent MRI center in the example above.



Access to a wide range of surgical procedures that
can be done safely without hospital admission.



Access to Connex provider hospitals, including centers 
for specialized care, oncology and transplants.



Access to over 3,000 independent radiology centers 
for quality MRIs, CT Scans and more.



Access for lab work ordered by a physician. In most situations, 
the MD can take and submit samples directly to the lab.




Access to local physicians as well as over 675,000 
preferred physician locations nationally.