Cost Of Employer-Provided Health Insurance Rises Toward $19,000 a Year
October 2, 2017
Without AMPS Your Client Would Have Paid for This Billing Error
October 9, 2017

Your Hospital Bill Deserves a Second Opinion


The goal of AMPS Medical Bill Review is to be 100% accurate on every claim that is touched. 


Having medical bills reviewed by a team of US licensed physicians ensures that each medical bill is scrutinized by someone with the highest level of medical knowledge possible. These physicians are in operating rooms, in hospitals, and in physicians’ offices daily. They understand exactly what services are being rendered and why. This is an important difference between AMPS Medical Bill Review and many other MBR solutions.



One of our physicians recently reviewed a hospital claim in which the facility had billed for a relatively new technology regarding Point-of-care blood testing (POCT). There are no preconfigured screening tools that can identify abuse of this technology and that is where our physicians come into play. The reviewer realized that many of the POCT charges represented “unbundling” and charges for which there was no physician order.

This resulted in a savings of approximately $13,000.


Board-certified physicians see things that no one else would know to look for, allowing AMPS to achieve the highest level of accuracy in our review of medical bills.