AMPS RBR vs Other Providers
October 25, 2017
Self-Funded Employers: Quit Losing Money to Hospitals
October 26, 2017

Medical Bill Review Sample Report

AMPS reviews tens of thousands of hospital claims annually, revealing billing errors that have averaged 7.15% in additional savings over the past 5 years.

Here is an example of a Medical Bill Review report that saved a client from paying over $100,000 for a cardiac test never performed. AMPS’ board-certified physicians performed a line-by-line review of the hospital claim, dug into medical records to ensure that every charge was accurate and justified, and saved the client 97% compared to 
PPO savings of 2%.



Click here to view the full Medical Bill Review report, along with other claim samples with errors that would have been paid without AMPS diligent oversight.