AMPS Announces Investment to Continue Rapid Growth

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Norcross, GA, April 20th, 2017 — Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions Inc,. (AMPS), a leader in health care cost containment, today announced private equity investments by Leavitt Health Partners, Cimarron Health, and RAF Industries to fuel future growth and expansion. “AMPS operated for 14 years on our original angel investment and it was […]


Kidney Heists, Alligators in Sewers, PPO Networks as Cost Containment Tools, and Other Urban Myths.

The History of Healthcare Financing in America and how you’re being fooled! BY: MIKE DENDY, MBA, MHA The Myths Urban myths are false stories that keep circulating, sometimes for decades, until they become so common that we believe them to be true. About the time one thinks such a myth is about to die it is […]


What do Cars and Hotel Rooms Have to do With Healthcare Benefits? Maybe a Lot!

Think outside the box and cut your health insurance costs! BY: MIKE DENDY, MBA, MHA Research and Patience As an anniversary gift to my wife, I recently bought her a Jeep Wrangler. There are over a dozen Jeep dealers in my area, and I perused all of their websites. I also looked online at Jeep dealers […]

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The OPEC of Healthcare

BY: MIKE DENDY, MBA, MHA Healthcare costs for employers continue to skyrocket.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, family premiums are up from approximately $10,500 in 2005 to over $17,000 in 2015.  This with hundreds of new companies and services being created to contain healthcare spending over the last 10 years, with Obama-Care blended in for […]