Overview of AMPS Services

AMPS Solutions Overview

Mike Dendy provides a brief overview on the services that AMPS provides.

AMPS Out-of-Network Solutions

Mike Dendy explains how AMPS helps employers save money on out-of-network claims.

AMPS Reference Based Pricing

Mike Dendy provides an overview of AMPS Reference Based Pricing product called Reference Based Reimbursement.

AMPS Direct Contracting

Mike Dendy explains how Direct Provider Contracting can decrease medical spending and member out-of-pocket costs.

AMPS Medical Bill Review

Mike Dendy explains how the AMPS Medical Bill Review service can help employers save money and make health plans more efficient.

AMPS Cars & Hotels

Mike Dendy explains how the way we shop for cars and hotels could teach us how to create habits that could dramatically lower healthcare costs.

AMPS Hospital Costs Flat, Billed Charges Increasing

Mike Dendy discusses how hospital costs have stayed flat over the last ten years, yet the amount hospitals are charging has dramatically increased.

AMPS Benefit of Physician Led Bill Reviews

Mike Dendy discusses the benefit of medical bill review performed by board-certified physicians.

The Chargemaster Game

Mike Dendy explains how hospitals adjust prices on their Chargemaster as they see fit, and how this has affects healthcare costs for employers.

Hospital Billing Errors

Mike Dendy explains some common hospital billing errors that would be paid without a service like AMPS.

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