Our Company Culture

What makes us, us

What Drives Us

At AMPS we are continuously challenged everyday to provide our customers with outstanding service. We do this by believing in a set of 8 Core Values that drive us to be our best, most compassionate selves. This is what drives us.

The 8 Core Values


We strive to provide unparalleled service through commitment to our clients. We are constantly raising the bar everyday.



We align ourselves with our partners and clients. We work collaboratively to achieve goals.



We proactively embrace change, are continuously learning - always evolving.



We are transparent and forthcoming in all aspects, keeping our clients' best interest in mind.



We are passionate and driven to make a difference in others' lives. We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.



We put others first and remain open and humble.



We hold ourselves accountable and are enabled to make changes when needed.



We work together, play together, and serve together. Health is mind, body, and spirit.


They are not just members, they are MY members.


Leadership Development Team

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) allows young employees the chance to grow in their roles and within the company. Employees in the LDP are introduced to essential leadership tools, habits, and skills that will help them grow.

Additional benefits of the program can include:

  • Shadowing senior executives
  • Ability to represent company at healthcare and leadership conferences
  • Participate in interviewing and welcoming of new employees
  • Opportunities to lead projects and committees
  • Expanding on workforce communication and industry skills
  • Participating in a group of aspiring employees
  • Constantly learning about the company and ways to improve
  • Recognizing and removing work blockages

AMPS believes those in the Leadership Development Program are empowered and interested in becoming future leaders of the company. AMPS is empowering employees to grow and teach them with senior leaders with experience in the field.

Ready to join the AMPS family?