Provide Extra Value To Your Employer Groups

AMPS Can Help Brokers

An aggressive broker can come in with AMPS as their partner and show an employer where they may be leaving $1 million or $2 million or $3 million on the table. For a group the size of 4,000 or 5,000 employees, just by utilizing the Medical Bill Review product and confirming the quality of healthcare billings before they get paid, AMPS can save that employer $1 million. This creates a tremendous opportunity for an aggressive mid-size brokerage group to go in and win that business.

Client Retention

AMPS can help you control your employer’s healthcare costs and save typically enough to more than pay for your own services.

Business Development

With AMPS as a partner, your sales team can walk into sales meetings with great certainty and tell an employer, by moving to us from this other Broker, we can save you an additional 5, 6, 7% on your healthcare spending.

If you take the addition 5-6% in savings that AMPS can provide by doing our medical bill review and clinical services, that will typically pay the entire cost of administrative services for an employer group.

What Is The Cost To My Client To Implement AMPS Services?

With the AMPS Medical Bill Review program and Out-Of-Network service, there is no additional cost to an employer; AMPS is paid on a percentage of savings. A TPA can inject AMPS into their system and realize significant and immediate savings.

Imagine having this conversation with your client at your next quarterly review:

"We've provided this additional service, there was no cost to you, no hard cost to you and you save an additional $100-200,000, $500,000 this quarter through this additional service."

AMPS Driven Solutions


(OON) Out-Of-Network Solutions

AMPS offers multiple solutions to drive significant savings on out-of-network bills, including direct negotiations and reference based repricing.


(MBR) Medical Bill Review

AMPS Medical Directors perform line-by-line facility claim reviews to correct mistakes and ensure accurate and reasonable pricing. AMPS MBR clients save an average of $685/employee annually.


(RBR) Reference Based Reimbursement

Stop over paying and replace your PPO network! Our Care Connex program combines RBR, Healthcare Navigators, member advocacy, and primary care telemedicine to help you save 20% on health expenses while providing high quality benefits and care. AMPS RBR clients save an average of $2,600/employee annually.


(DPC) Direct Provider Contracting

We can add critical providers to your benefits program and significantly decrease your Plan medical spending and member out-of-pocket costs.

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