Provide Extra Value To Your Employer Groups

AMPS Can Help Your TPA

Employers expect TPAs to control costs, but they expect you to do that inside a bubble that makes it really difficult for you to do anything unique. The way TPAs are going to stay viable is by doing things outside the usual boundaries.

AMPS is one of those outside of the boundaries subversives that a TPA can use to provide extra value to an employer group through:

Client Retention

AMPS can help you control your employer’s healthcare costs and save typically enough to more than pay for your own services.

Business Development

With AMPS as a partner, your sales team can walk into sales meetings with great certainty and tell an employer, by moving to us from this other TPA, we can save you an additional 5, 6, 7% on your healthcare spending.

If you take the additional 5-6% in savings that AMPS can provide by doing our medical bill review and clinical services, that will typically pay the entire cost of administrative services for an employer group.

What Is The Cost To Implement AMPS Services?

With the AMPS Medical Bill Review program and Out-Of-Network service, there is no additional cost to an employer; AMPS is paid on a percentage of savings.

A TPA can inject AMPS into their system and realize significant and immediate savings.

Imagine having this conversation with your client at your next quarterly review:

"We've provided this additional service, there was no cost to you, no hard cost to you and you save an additional $100-200,000, $500,000 this quarter through this additional service."

Introducing Care Connex

AMPS' RBR solution, Care Connex, offers employers and their employees direct provider contracts, member onboarding and education materials, Care Navigators, a real-time employer claims portal, and full fiduciary defense on any balanced billing.

Care Connex brings the pressures of the free market to the medical world. Employers set a certain dollar amount they will reimburse per procedure based on multiple data points (Medicare being one of many). Patients then connect with an AMPS Care Navigator to find a provider that will conduct the said procedure. Cost transparency is thus stimulated.

AMPS Driven Solutions


(OON) Out Of Network Solutions

AMPS offers multiple solutions to drive significant savings on out of network bills, including direct negotiations and reference based repricing.


(MBR) Medical Bill Review

AMPS Medical Directors perform line-by-line facility claim reviews to correct mistakes and ensure accurate and reasonable pricing. AMPS MBR clients save an average of $685/employee annually.


(RBR) Reference Based Reimbursement

Stop over paying and replace your PPO network! Our Care Connex program combines RBR, Healthcare Navigators, member advocacy, and primary care telemedicine to help you save 20% on health expenses while providing high quality benefits and care. AMPS RBR clients save an average of $2,600/employee annually.


(DPC) Direct Provider Contracting

We can add critical providers to your benefits program and significantly decrease your Plan medical spending and member out-of-pocket costs.

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