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The OPEC of Healthcare


Like the oil producing cartels that for many years controlled the cost of the world’s energy in unencumbered fashion, there is absolutely no catalyst for healthcare providers to reduce their costs or for an employers’ covered members to be concerned whatsoever with their spending. Read about the solution to reducing healthcare costs without affecting healthcare services, quality, and outcomes through defined contribution.

AMPS Trend Line Cost Continuum

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PPO plan costs have increased by 8% per year with no end in sight. See how AMPS solutions can help you take back control of your health plan spending.

RBR Comparison Guide

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AMPS' Referenced Based Reimbursement (RBR), also commonly known as Cost Plus or Reference Based Pricing (RBP) is a unique healthcare cost management service that is unparalleled by competitors.

Reference Based Reimbursement Brochure


AMPS’ Reference Based Reimbursement (RBR) solution provides a Health Plan reimbursement methodology based on the fair market value of the services rendered, optimizing every health care dollar spent. Explore the AMPS RBR service and how the result is a fair, transparent, defensible and therefore sustainable solution.

Out of Network Solutions Brochure


AMPS’ rigorous process for dealing with Out-of-Network claims melds Medical Bill Review and Reference Based Reimbursement processes to come up with the quintessential OON repricing service. Learn more about how AMPS auditing process typically cut the employer’s total OON costs by at least 65%.

Medical Bill Review Brochure


With AMPS’ cost management solution, Medical Bill Review (MBR), all bills greater than $20,000 are audited for accuracy and reasonableness of charges. Explore actual savings examples that would have been paid without AMPS diligent oversight, and learn about the cost-saving benefits of AMPS Medical Bill Review.

Direct Provider Contracting Brochure


Increase your Plan savings through AMPS Direct Provider Contracting. Explore how AMPS can add critical providers to your benefits program and significantly decrease your medical spending and member out-of-pocket costs.

What do cars and hotels have to do with healthcare benefits?


When spending our hard-earned money, most of us are prudent especially when the item we are buying is expensive, like a car or travel arrangements. Why is it then that basically every employer in America has absolutely no requirements for prudent buying behavior on their group health insurance plans?

Why the HEALTH are our Medical Bills so High?


The United States is the most expensive place to get healthcare in the world. Read about the 4 primary reasons for this — hospitalization, pharmaceuticals, physician, and administration — and how AMPS claims auditing experts have reclaimed over 200 million dollars for our clients.

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