AMPS Driven Solutions


What Solutions Are Best For You?


AMPS allows employers the option to quickly move away from the high cost alternatives of the BUCAs and save 20% or more in the first year, or to slowly rein in costs through a multi-year cost reduction plan.


For small-to-mid-size brokers competing with larger brokerages who think, "I can never get into that 5,000 to 10,000 man account; the big alphabet houses are always going to control them." – that's not necessarily true.


Employers expect TPAs to control costs, but they expect you to do that inside a bubble that makes it really difficult for you to do anything unique. The way TPAs are going to stay viable is by doing things outside the usual boundaries.


Stop-loss carriers are pinched harder than anyone else when it comes to healthcare costs. You never get to take advantage of quality Managed Care rates, or determine on your own what will be paid and won't be paid.

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