29% AMPS CLINICAL Savings vs 20% PPO Savings

  • 484615 – $230,546 GBC / $117,638 Allowed (29% AMPS Savings Plus 20% PPO Discount)
  • $64,345 In NICU up coding
  • $38,175 Adjusted from NICU Level IV down to Level III
  • $26,170 Adjusted from NICU Level IV down to Level II
  • $2,453 due to Unbundling and Duplicate Charges
AMPS – Doctor Recommendation:

October 26, 2016, PA complete:

“…Underweight newborn remains in hospital for nutritional and respiratory problems. However, many of these were resolved early in the hospitalization which then continued primarily for the baby to reach an age of maturity to be safe for discharge home. The room and board charges, starting on day eight, appear to be significantly up charged/overcharged according to information from the provider… No apparent complications or delays noted. Routine discharge to home.”