Workers' Compensation
Medical Bill Audit


Physician Led, Technology Driven WC Claims Review

With AMPS' proprietary Workers' Compensation Medical Bill Review, clients benefit from over 15 years of accumulated audit knowledge and line-by-line reviews performed by a physician led review panel. AMPS' physicians know what to look for and consistently find errors that other review systems overlook. This results in lower Workers' Compensation healthcare costs. AMPS' Occupational Health Physicians are board certified and actively practice.

AMPS' WC MBA service offers key advantages:

Clean Claims = More Savings

AMPS' physician led audits are like no other in the workers' compensation industry. Physicians audit each line of your medical bill prior to the traditional bill review process, so you pay only what you should. Truly clean medical bills result in a 10-30% of added savings below State Fee Schedules, UCR or PPO.

Physician-Based Medical Bill Review

AMPS' Physician panel review every facility and professional claim to guarantee better accuracy. They discover both data entry errors and human errors daily, ensuring that only valid claims are paid.

On-Demand Portal

AMPS provides TPAs/Brokers with a next generation portal and analytics platform, providing anywhere, anytime visibility into claims status, performance metrics and trends. The portal provides on-demand insight for both internal and client meetings.

Sales Enablement

AMPS client tool-kit helps WIN new business with:

  • Financial Impact Forecasting
  • Disruption & Coverage Analysis
  • Heat-Map Generation
  • On-Demand Claim Portal

AMPS' Healthcare Cost Management Program is Changing the Workers' Compensation Industry.

Regardless if the claim is in-network or out-of-network, a healthcare claim, worker’s comp, or an auto claim—hospitals charge the same way on all claims.

The AMPS MBR service provides the opportunity to scour the claim and make sure that anything the payer is paying for is correct and reasonable.

“Our first mission with AMPS was to make sure that the hospital bills we reviewed were accurate and reasonably priced before any other outside application like a PPO discount was utilized.”

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