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Welcome to Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions

Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS) provides market leading healthcare cost containment services for self-funded employers, public entities, municipalities, labor unions, brokers, consultants, TPAs, payers, reinsurers, and HMOs. Our mission is to provide outstanding services to our clients to help them attain their goals of materially reducing healthcare costs while keeping their members satisfied with quality healthcare benefits.

AMPS partners with clients on a three-step strategic plan over 2-4 years to gradually reduce health care costs while assuring quality care and minimizing employee disruption, using 4 core services:


(OON) Out-Of-Network Solutions

AMPS offers multiple solutions to drive significant savings on out-of-network bills, including direct negotiations and reference based repricing. AMPS' OON service averages over 65% savings on out-of-network medical bills.


(MBR) Medical Bill Review

AMPS Medical Directors perform line-by-line facility claim reviews to correct mistakes and ensure accurate and reasonable pricing. AMPS MBR clients save an average of $685/employee annually.


(RBR) Reference Based Reimbursement

Stop over paying and replace your PPO network! AMPS Care Connex program combines RBR, Healthcare Navigators, member advocacy, and primary care telemedicine to help you save 20% on health expenses while providing high quality benefits and care. AMPS RBR clients save an average of $2,600/employee annually.


(DPC) Direct Provider Contracting

Increase Plan savings through AMPS Direct Provider Contracting with the providers your employees value most. We can add critical providers to your benefits program and significantly decrease your Plan medical spending and member out-of-pocket costs.

Actual Billing Errors Found By AMPS

  • Cranial Support System

    Pillow: $450

  • Acetaminophen Tablet

    Tylenol Dose: $513

  • Mucus Recovery System

    Tissues: $75

  • Oral Cleansing Device

    Toothbrush: $1,050