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Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions

Market Leading Cost Containment Solutions

Since 2005, AMPS has worked to provide premier healthcare cost management services to the self-funded payer community. We partner with our clients to deliver physician-led, technology-driven, facility claim review to 700+ employers in the commercial and public sectors.

Why do you need AMPS?


In a recent Kaiser annual survey, average annual premiums for single and family coverage has more than doubled in 10 years.

Kaiser Family Foundation 2013 Annual Survey, Page 31


Many employers are recognizing the highly-touted PPO “discounts” are an illusion off inflated over charges and no longer deliver the savings necessary to keep their Health Plans healthy. Providers continue to be opaque in their billing practices to optimize their revenue while PPOs “discounts” pay 2.5 times what Medicare pays for identical services.


Over 90% of hospital bills include errors -- since 40-45% of annual employer health plan costs are from hospitalizations – these unchecked errors have a significant impact on your Plan costs.


As the healthcare market evolves, you need a cost containment partner to protect your financial interests. AMPS physician-led, technology-driven solutions will meet your plan objectives and enhance your bottom line -- not the BUCAs or hospitals.


AMPS partners with clients on a three-step strategic plan over 2-4 years to gradually reduce health care costs while assuring quality care and minimizing potential employee disruption.

Unrivaled Protection, Unparalleled Savings

AMPS Mission

AMPS mission is to provide outstanding services to our clients to help them attain their goals of materially reducing healthcare costs while keeping their members satisfied with quality healthcare benefits.

AMPS Clients

Within the self-funded community, we serve the following:

  • TPAs
  • Employer Groups (commercial & public entity)
  • Brokers
  • Stop-Loss Carriers
  • Managing General Underwriters (MGU)
  • Taft-Hartley Plans

Strategic Partners

AMPS Investor Leavitt Partners
AMPS Investor Cimarron Healthcare Capital
AMPS Investor RAF Industries
AMPS Investor Eldorado
AMPS Investor SHP
AMPS Investor CBGI

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