Direct Provider Contracting


Creating Client-Specific Provider Access

Increase your Plan savings through AMPS Direct Provider Contracting. AMPS can add critical providers to your benefits program and significantly decrease your Plan medical spending and member out-of-pocket costs.

How It Works

AMPS contracts with thousands of medical providers nationwide to serve employers' covered members. To provide easy access to physicians and other medical services, AMPS provides clients with a Care Navigator Service that sends members to lower-cost, high-quality medical providers.


AMPS utilizes its panel of experienced contractors along with extensive provider data to identify and contract with hospitals and physicians in a geographic area.


AMPS provides pricing transparency and can eliminate the PPO middle man.


Employers can also use this solution to add critical hospitals or physicians to their existing network or to contract to decrease out-of-network costs.


AMPS reports benchmark a hospital’s gross billed charges, and the PPO’s net payable amounts (after discounting) against what Medicare would have paid. Even after PPO discounting, payment levels on hospital claims average over 250%. That is 2.5x what Medicare would pay.

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Because AMPS maintains the agreements and relationships with the providers, the client does not have to manage paperwork or provider inquiries—that's all handled by AMPS.

Client Specific Provider Access

Some employers are disillusioned with their traditional PPO but may not be ready for a full RBR program. For these clients, AMPS offers the option to contract directly with multiple hospitals, physicians, and ancillary providers in their area to be utilized by their employees/members to receive care, while also eliminating the concern of balance billing.

AMPS can use the employers' existing provider utilization data along with anecdotal input to identify providers with whom to contract.

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